8132 2 Hour CE Course Swimming Pool Calculations

MEETS CILB GENERAL REQUIREMENTS. Pool contractors need to make a number of calculations based on the size of a pool. This course shows how to use calculations to determine the size of various pools and the compliance with DOH standards.

As a result of this course:
Learner will calculate the surface area of pools built in basic shapes, such as rectangles and circles, as well as odd shaped pools and pools made up of a combination of shapes.

Learner will calculate the water flow rate and water turnover rate necessary to ensure a pool is compliant with health department standards.

Learner will calculate maximum public pool and public spa attendance generally accepted by health department codes.

At the conclusion of the course you will take a 10 question quiz to validate that you have achieved the learning outcomes of the course. You must receive a passing score of 70 to receive your certificate. If you fail the test you may re-take it immediately at no charge.

There are no prerequisites for this course.
Payment is made prior to beginning the course through the secure Aquatic Training Institute website.
Student should utilize an environment conducive to learning--area free of distractions, comfortable seating, and good lighting.
This course earns 0.2 IACET CEUs upon completion. Learner should have basic computer abilities: use of mouse; navigate website; log on/off program; and send/receive e-mail. Courses can be taken on any computer with internet access. Access to a printer is required to download certificates of completion. ATI recommends that learners direct questions to info@aquatictraininginstitute.com for fastest response. Learners may also contact ATI by calling 800-385-0270 during normal US East Coast business hours.
No instructor or employee of the Aquatic Training Institute has proprietary interest in any product, service, device or material discussed in this course.
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